Directed by
Diyala Muir

Betty and Norman begin a long distance relationship that quickly turns obsessive.

Diyala Muir is London-based illustrator and animator whose work we discovered at a particularly strong Royal Academy graduate show.

Since then, Diyala has made number of incredible work including The Day After The Party featured on our website.

So it was no-brainer when it came to suggestions for directors to our open pitch with Sony Music label who opened their brief to GiF members. In an event at Curtain hotel during our third birthday celebration, we gave the selected six directors a thorough feedback and chose Diyala's treatment as the perfect fit for Declan's song.

In her words she describes the film as about two weird characters living on the opposite sides of the world, having separate existential crises. They send each other letters with precise descriptions of their lives and surroundings, and each one tries to copy the other so that they can feel closer. The more frantically they attempt to create this image of perfection, the more their true reality crumbles until all they are left with is the remnants of their relationship.