Directed by
Caitlin Young

She just can't escape the voices in her breasts.

RA London graduate Caitlin Young makes animations for womxn and to educate men. The clue is in the title, Jess, unhappy with her body has her two 'Breast M8s' tell her what's right, what's wrong and list every insecurity in between her two boobs. She may or may not go on a night out with her non breast m8s after.

Young << I toyed with the idea of making a serious film in the beginning, but it felt like such a lot of pressure to aptly summarise this experience that so many women have. I felt through the use of comedy I could engage the audience, with the overall impact of the story hitting after.

Early on in the research phase of my project I realised I have this inner conflict surrounding beauty. Most of me wants to conform to this western idealised version of female beauty, but on the other hand, there is the feminist side of me that just so wants to care less.

Two views, two boobs. It just kind of fell into place after that.  A piece that says ‘I’m not positive about my appearance, and this is what that looks like’.

In terms of animation style, I spent last summer obsessed with late 80’s/ early 90s self produced rave art, and almost immediately began to incorporate photocopied textures into my work and found they just worked paired with the clean lines I had been using previously.>>