Directed by
Gyuri Cloe Lee

An intimate and sensual exploration of physical remembering.

Gyuri Cloe Lee directs this intimate abstract exploration of the way we remember through the body. Recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design describes her inspiration for the project:

'I wanted to draw bodies or body-related things, like flesh, organs, hairs... I got the idea for the rectangular frames from snapshots. It might sound cliche, but I thought of memories as a bunch of snapshots that we take spontaneously and store away somewhere in our brains, which are brought up when we are triggered by similar experiences, followed by other related memories. Some of them are heavily wrapped up, then bursted open violently and involuntarily; some are played around, repeated, distorted, and faded away. I didn't just want to focus on visual memories but also other senses like touch, smell, sound, and taste, that our body just remembers subconsciously, and I tried to represent those visually. 

The film is pretty personal, but I wanted it to be abstract enough so that it is relatable to the viewers.

I want to explore the themes of body and sexuality - I've always been timid about representing sensuality in my works, but I think this film helped me to break away from that shyness and be more open about these things.'