Directed by
Sacha Beeley

Cheating Toast goes to get his girl Egg back, but has Egg had enough?

Sacha Beeley, London based animation artist's CSM graduation film Big Toast is a characterful snoop at cold hearted satire. Clubs, dating, cheating, apps - the surface level world of the now but with your own breakfast friends playing big, playing sexy.

As an artist that has played around with her own fascination and direction from various work experience Sacha's urge to concentrate on what she really wants to draw and narrate catalysed this project to being fun and inherently playing at her strengths. << I had a few visuals in my head but wasn’t sure which one to go with, I’d drawn a real sexy piece of toast spreading butter on himself a few months before and it had stuck in my head, and so the flirty, filthy toast we’ve come to know and love was born.

I think, out of everything, the design part was my favourite, just sketching out loads of characters and choosing the colours. I’m really bad at backgrounds but I actually loved trying it out on this film, just keeping them pretty simple and focusing more on the colours and matching the characters. >>