Directed by
Hannah Rosselin

Twelve months, twelve witches.

All women are witches is the latest mysterious incantation from designer Léa Peckre. Twelve months, twelve episodes, twelve women: a new model for a fashion label, with a new rhythm, freed from the traditional Fashion Week calendar. Every month since January, Peckre has unveiled on Instagram, through a series of visuals and videos, new pieces inspired by a celebrated individual. The 12 looks presented over the course of the months will in their totality form the 2018 collection. Peckre says "With this format, I am freer. I have more time to imagine and to develop a condensed wardrobe which takes you from casual to evening, from cold to warm, from thick to thin." As figures of female emancipation, witches remain as disruptive and fascinating as ever.

« Witches live life on their own terms without bending to society’s diktats. All women are witches, whether they know it or not, whether they understand it or not. »

Léa Peckre

« If people are scared about your natural charm, look no further, you are one of us »

Director Hannah Rosselin