Directed by
Evelyn Jane Ross

In the beginning of them She created us.

Rhode Island School of Design graduate Evelyn Ross created Adam as her graduation film.

The idea came from reading creation myths that share similar thread that man created humanity. The story was then created as a response to the patriarchal storytelling, creating a feminine land of creation, in physical and metaphorical sense.

'I wanted the film to be honest. I wanted to convey a feeling of yearning and tenderness that I've personally experienced but have rarely seen in movies these days.

The film was shot in the basement at the Rhode Island School of Design. It took 3 months to plan and 4 months to animate. In order to keep the clay from being too soft I often stored a few sculptures in the refrigerator. So moments before the full girl figurine was created she was placed right next to some left overs and a carton of milk.'

Evelyn is currently working at Aardman Animations in Bristol, UK on their new feature, Early Man.