A2: X2 (DBLE)

Directed by
Matilda Finn

Dizzying rotating scenes in a video for enigmatic South London producer A2

Photographer and director Matilda Finn has established herself with creating visceral, visual landscapes. Her influences are eclectic, but much of her dark style is from her Asian cinematic and gaming interest from her formative years. She has since developed a unique and surreal style, basing her work on the concept that they are dream sequences.

With an ambitious camera movements, the video for south London rapper and producer A2 rotates on a constantly developing axis revealing a sexy and tantalising party where women take the main stage. It feels like we are in the space where women rule the night, much like in Grace La Doja's video for Skepta, Ladies Hit Squad until the video's last scene where the camera slowly falls, as if witnessing all that beauty makes you pass out from sheer excess.