Directed by
Athina Wilson

Finding love, empathy and community in a near-future society in the grips of technological isolation.

Melbourne based filmmaker Athina Wilson looks to explore universal human feeling, and individual human behaviour, in imaginative, world built settings. For '808' we're introduced to a near-future world saturated by technology, Mars meets Jay, a young man desensitized by his profession. When Mars introduces Jay to a world outside their company’s confines, they begin a journey from fear to love.

Mars, is a young woman with a strong sense of self, and a connection to the past. When she is hired to work at a content moderation office she meets Jay, an employee who has become desensitized by their profession. Mars is part of an underground subculture that challenges societal norms by endorsing connection and emotion through music and intimacy. Because Jay is disconnected, he struggles to retaliate against these technological forces and join Mars. If Jay takes action, he might be able to move beyond repression and fear and find love.

Wilson "I wanted ‘808’ to show how technology can desensitize and distract us from the relationships in front of us, and possibilities for understanding and connection. However, what I ultimately hope to show is what I believe can prevail over this - love, empathy, sensuality and emotion."