Magdalena Woskina

Magdalena captures a youthful energy, spontaneity and authentic sense of fun. She shoots all the time, carrying a camera on her shoulder and preferring to be part of the moment, placing her lens in the middle of it all. Her early personal work, in which Magdalena documented the lives of her friends emerging from the skate and metal music scenes, reveals her willingness to challenge accepted norms for a female photographer. In her effort to explore complex topics, she documents diverse groups of people in diverse settings. From transgender skate crews, to cowboys in South Central, Wosinska brings her eye to settings that are thought-provoking, beautiful, and at times even controversial, always inspiring the viewer to abandon passivity and question what they are seeing. Like many artists, she has taken controversial images which do not represent her values, but are intended to shine needed light on issues which require further dialogue and thought. Her maturing style transfers this edge and vibrancy to her commercial and editorial work. Magdalena's tough yet sunny California aesthetic encapsulates a mood of endless summers. She uses ambient light and an uncluttered approach, creating images that retain the truth and rawness of impulsive snapshots. Magdalena's first publication, Bite It You Scum, was launched in 2010 at the opening of 'Exposed', an exhibition she curated for This Los Angeles Gallery. Magdalena's 2nd book, The Experience Vol 1, was published with adjoining solo shows in London at the Webber Represents Gallery, Munich at the Ingo Seufert - Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Luxembourg at the VIOLife gallery, Amsterdam at W+K , Los Angeles at Dilletante Gallery featuring the book. Her 3rd book, Leftovers of Love, was released November 2018 with a solo show at Merchant Gallery In Venice, CA and it now in the artists section at the MOMA in NYC. Magdalena Wosinska was born in Katowice, near Krakow in Poland, in 1983. She arrived in the USA in 1991 and lived in Arizona before settling in Los Angeles in 2004.