We don’t know where she comes from but Gypsy knows where she’s going and she doesn’t beat around the bush to get her way. Inhabited with the original spirit of hip hop, the spirituality of Jamaican music and the irreverent tone of trap and grime, her melodies are the beating heart of this explosive mix. Rooted in her femininity, Gypsy follows the long and still lively witchy traditions, her straightforward words updating this legacy to 3.0. With her first EP entitled « Gitane Sans Filtre » she takes us on a sweet and wild trip with gut wrenching beats, lyrics striking like uppercuts that will shake souls. This first opus, planned to be released in fall 2019, will come up with videos and a live show including dance and vjing. This EP will be the elixir we need for a fresh start and to venture off the beaten tracks.