Andrea Mae Perez

Andrea is a Spanish and American-Ecuadorian director, born in Madrid in January 1993. She graduated in June 2015 from the University of the Arts of London with a First Class Honours degree in Film and Television Production. Her graduation short film Desert-ar was part of the official selection at the BFI Future Film Festival in London, Shorts of Tap in Berlin and the San Mauro Film Festival, as well as a finalist at the Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival of Chicago. Since graduating, she has worked on a variety of music videos and short film projects, while exploring magic realism as a visual art form. Andrea’s drive for storytelling stems from a desire to find healing through people’s experiences. She finds that including fantasy and surrealism in an otherwise realistic canvas, serves as a metaphor for the character’s inner emotions, allowing the audience to live a multi-sensory experience. Andrea is now represented by Academy Films for music videos.