Ahlberg & Barbier

Hedvig Ahlberg graduated the Motion Graphics program at Hyper Island in 2014 and moved to London to pursue her passion for moving images. Her love for editing and film grew out from her adoration for dance - the pace, the rhythm and the movement. She has worked across a wide variety of commercial and independent projects as an editor and motion designer, but also as a producer and director. Hedvig is co-founder of Punanimation - an online platform for women trans and non- binary motion designers and animators working in the creative industry aiming to change the motion design industry to less of a boys club. Agathe Barbier is a french born editor that fell in love with the art of stitching when she studied cinema and editing in Paris for three years. After living in France, Canada and Australia she decided to hang her hat in London where she's been living for the last 7 years. She has been working across a broad range of projects such as music videos, short films, commercials and documentaries. Agathe is co-founder of Edit Collective - a London based edit collective and support network for female, non-binary and trans editors working mostly in Film and TV. Their aim is to create a community, communal fund and outreach group to help establish fair wages, work and treatment by supporting one another and working collectively to make a change to the business they are dedicated to. Agathe and Hedvig joined forces in 2016 and worked on several projects for charities such as Bloody Good Period and Verve amongst others. They share the same principles and ideals and want to work with people who contribute to making the world a more equal playing field. http://www.agathe-barbier-editing.com/ >> https://vimeo.com/hedvigahlberg/about